Hey there! I'm Crystal and I'm so happy you stopped by!

I am surrounded by the best people in the world! My children, husband, family and friends are all amazing and so supportive and I cherish the moments spent with them. I try to apply the same principles when I photograph my clients weddings and families capturing their connections documenting the love between them. My style is pure & artistic with a touch of modern. 

I would love to meet you over coffee or wine either in person or on skype and see if we are a good fit. I may be based out of Peterborough Ontario, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!

I have more about me below, so carry on for more details. 

Lets also be friends on Instagram @crystaljessup

- Photo taken by the wonderful Heather Doughty

A few more things to know about me...  

I have two amazing children, a girl, Ella and  her little brother, Hunter. And I have the most incredible husband who has been extremely supportive of my passion for photography and how much of my time I dedicate to it.

I recently completed my degree in Psychology (so exciting!)

I watched the minimalist on Netflix and have since been trying to purge everything extra in my home. But I have my limits.. I enjoy decorating and will never be a true minimalist. So I follow the belief that if it adds value to my life, it stays. 

I love the sound of the rain during the night or when I wake up early in the morning. Listening to the rain while drinking coffee is probably the most relaxing feeling in the world. 

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Thanks again for stopping by! I would love to hear from you!!


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