Intimate wedding at Eganridge, Ontario

I’m super excited to be sharing this wedding with you!

The first time I met this couple was on their wedding day. They had contacted me on the phone and we talked about their day and plans and chose to move forward with me for their wedding. It all sounded so beautiful and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

Everything was as amazing as they said it would be.

Their wedding took place at Eganridge which is a stunning venue. The weather that day was absolutely amazing and the sky was clear for miles. Their ceremony took place under a large tree right beside the water. It was so peaceful with the sounds of the water and otherwise quiet space.

Family and friends came together in celebration of their love and it was felt all around them. As the ceremony was completed and the day moved into night, we were given the most vibrant sky of the season. The intense colour and location combination made for a breathtaking moment. We certainly took advantage of its beauty!