A New Outlook for New Humans

I have been inspired by newborns, they are so precious and in my opinion simply, perfect.

They really really are.

Babies are so honest and pure. Their soft baby skin. Their sweet little sleep smiles. The wonderful newborn smell. We all do it, smell a baby head when we hold them.

Sweet. Precious. Perfect.

I love love love newborn snuggles. Every newborn comes into this world with their own little personality. I’ve noticed it in each and every one that I have held.

I have had the opportunity to photograph many newborns and enjoyed my snuggles with each and every one of them along the way. In that time I learned different ways to wrap them, prop them and position them to give them a perfectly posed little picture. But what all this time with tiny humans has taught me is that when you take a sleeping baby and lay them down on a bed or a couch they all do something different. Some of them stretch out both their legs or even just one leg, some curl up into a tiny ball, other babies will raise their tiny hands above their heads, cover their faces with their hands or give me a single or even double fist bump pose. I have even had babies appear to give me the finger.

It is during this time with a newborn that I get to talk to the parents about their precious bundle and how they are positioned in the session, they tell me that they came into the world in that position or always do that while they eat or even how in their ultrasound photo they had the same pose. They recognize these gestures and movements. Making these positions important to document and hold a special place in the hearts of their parents. They are unique to their newborn, their life, and their adventure.

So.. I am inspired. As a photographer, I make it my goal to capture the true character and essence of a person I am working with, so why not a newborn too.

I want to capture the soulful, honest and pure essence of each newborn so that a mom can look back at an image and remark on how you still have the same smirk or still like to sleep with one arm above your head.

My inspiration leads me away from posing newborns. I want each portrait to be as unique as each of the babies I photograph. Your baby is my guide taking me further then what I see and capturing images that I feel.

So instead of posing; I soothe them, swaddle them as needed, comfort them but more then that, I allow them to lead the show. I want to see their unique little personalities and who they are. That is what I want to capture. That is what I want to give you and that will be remembered for all time.