A little about the process - FAQ

To help answer any of your questions, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. That being said, if you have a question and it isn’t on the list, it is still very important to me so please don’t hesitate to ask. Hey maybe in the end, it will make the list!  

Can we see your pricelist?

All of our pricing is available here. Feel free to shoot me an email for a custom quote if you’re planning an intimate wedding under 30 people, an elopement or a destination wedding!

Should we include a meal for you at the wedding?

Yes, please. And please have a spot for us in the same room as to ensure I don’t miss anything while eating dinner. On another note, ask your planner/co-ordinator to have my dinner brought out during the same time as yours so that we are eating at the same time and can capture you during the times we’re both not eating. A full belly means a happy photographer. Thank you!!!

How many images do we get?

For weddings, I usually include about 50-90/hour! And for couple sessions I include a gallery between 50-200.

How long is your turn around time?

I aim to finish your wedding in about 8 weeks. Of course I always provide a sneak peek gallery within week after your wedding. During high season it may take a little longer and vise versa. Couples photo sessions can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the season.

Can we print our photographs?

You are more then welcome to have your images printed, although I recommend ordering them through your online gallery store. The company connected prints with exquisite papers that are unavailable to the public. I offer a number of albums as well, feel free to contact me for more info.

Do you provide colour and black & white photographs?

Once the digital files are edited, that is the final shot. I shoot in both black and white & colour, and selectively fine tune images that suit a certain style better.

What If the weather is horrible?

For a couples session, there is no such thing as horrible weather. I enjoy the romantic rain or the windswept whispers in the air. I have never had an issue with the weather, I embrace it. That being said if you truly don’t want to utilize the weather for its uniqueness, I am happy to discuss changing the date.

Family sessions are an exception, children are much harder to keep happy in the poor elements.

Are You Insured?

You bet!

Do You Travel Beyond Ontario?

Heck yes I do. Passport is packed and I am all set to go. Shoot me an email for a custom quote for international elopements & destinations.

we love the sound of this, now what?

Send a message through my contact page, or email me at crystal.jessup@live.ca or through text at 705-761-6569 and we can talk about your needs and my collections. From there we can FaceTime, chat on the phone, or meet in person over coffee. It is super important that we get along and for us to get to know each other. Side note, if this sounds like we are about to go on a speed date, then you are right!! See you soon!!

What to expect when working with you?

I am going to let past couples and clients answer this for me.

Keywords to describe my vibe

Relaxed and easygoing

Keywords to describe my style

Timeless, pure & artistic. Another way to describe it is a documentary wedding style with a touch of posed portraits.


I explore the realm of weddings beyond traditional notions. I bring my artistic style & love of people, to capture and keep moments. I prefer to work with couples from start to finish to best curate their love story in a collection of epic awesomeness.